Zamnesia Critical – კანაფის თესლი



Zamnesia Critical – კანაფის თესლი


  • INDICA 60% / SATIVA 40%
  • THC: 18%
  • CBD: 0.2%
  • სიმაღლე: საშუალო
  • მოსავალი: მაღალი
  • ყვავილობა: 7-8 კვირა
  • სირთულე: მარტივი



Potent pairing Afghani and Skunk come together perfectly to create Critical feminized marijuana seeds. Something of a cash cow (or rather crop), Critical holds all the necessary elements to make it a high earner for any grower. Blessed with large yields, short flowering periods and great smoke, Critical succeeds in ticking every box and fulfilling grower expectations.

Her compact stature is due largely (no pun intended) to her Indica dominant genetics, which for growers pushed for space is a godsend. Her stunted growth is no way a disadvantage when it comes to bud production, in fact this pint-sized pot protege can easily produce in the region of 600g/m² of high quality weed – talk about a bountiful harvest indeed!

Novice growers can also get a piece of the Critical action, thanks to her sturdy and resilient nature – making for a smoother growing process. Speaking of the growing process, plant goes from seed to harvest in a flash! Just 7 weeks is all it takes to be rewarded with a treasure trove of beautiful bud. Pungent in aroma, tantalizing to the taste, Critical unleashes a refreshing but mellowed high sure to please even the toughest of critics. As she gets to work, users will experience an immense body high which doesn’t aim to overwhelm but relax your entire body and mind.

From a medical standpoint Critical is also comes into her own, helping to alleviate a plethora of troubling ailments including stress, anxiety, chronic pains and aches.

Critical is an all round ‘pot pleaser’, so regardless of whether you’re a commercial grower or not you can still benefit from her speedy (but equally special) results. She is an indica of distinguished taste and tenacity, one that will have you laughing all the way to the bank (or for many bed).


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