Zamnesia White Widow Automatic – კანაფის თესლი



Zamnesia White Widow Automatic – კანაფის თესლი


  • INDICA 50% / SATIVA 50%
  • THC: 14%
  • CBD: 3%
  • სიმაღლე: 100-110 სმ
  • მოსავალი: მაღალი
  • დათესვიდან მოსავლამდე: 75-85 დღე
  • სირთულე: დაბალი



White Widow is a strain of international fame and prestige, ever since its inception in 1995 it has been showered with awards and various accolades – a trend that looks likely to continue. Blessed with an exquisite taste, abundant yields and an ever so intense high; it is no wonder why White Widow has remained an all time favourite in Amsterdam.

This feminized follow up retains all the same character and flair of the original however, repackages it in an easy-to-grow and vigorous bundle – sure to please die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

The original genetics of the strain are something of a mystery, thought to have been the result of a Brazilian landrace sativa mixed with an Indian indica. With this blueprint Zamnesia Seeds threw Critical Auto into the mix, resulting in an exceptionally potent pot powerhouse that more than lives up to the White Widow family name.

In essence, White Widow Automatic is pretty much same strain as the original, just with a minor autoflowering tune up. The plan wasn’t to deviate away from the original recipe (so to speak) but to improve upon it, which is exactly what they did. Long time revellers of White Widow will still be treated to the same familiar pleasures the strain dishes out. For example, the same fresh, earthy citrus flavours scream through loud and clear; couple that with the same intense mind and body stone and you have White Widow.

In terms of medicinal appeal, suffers of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, arthritis and lack of appetite will find that their symptoms are greatly reduced as a result of her potent powers.

Thanks to her new Autoflowering genetics, the plant is ready for harvesting in just 10-12 weeks – a significantly shorter time when compared to similar strains. She is also capable of reaching heights of around 1.1m tall and yielding in the region of 50-160g per plant.

If you’re looking to sample an iconic strain with spectacular flavour and stone to match, these seeds are mostly certainly the one’s for you.


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